Maybe I really am that same annoyingly detailed ex-work colleague!

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I worked with a woman who was so detailed it would drive me crazy. She was so particular about everything—and I mean everything! I would have to stop myself blurting out some frustrated expletive. It was so painful for me, yet she was oblivious! I have read that often the person we find the most annoying is the person most like ourselves; the one who carries our similar personality traits.
I was driving to a wedding in the Gold Coast Hinterland, following a car as I turned with it through every bend in the road. I couldn’t help but notice a sticker on the back advertising the dealership the car was purchased from. I was thinking, “That sticker looks terrible. It makes the car look cheap. They really should remove it”. My thoughts shifted to when I have my car serviced and the little ‘next service’ sticker appears on the corner of my windscreen, and how I peel it off before I’ve even left the car park!
These thoughts have me thinking maybe I really am that same, annoyingly detailed, ex-work colleague! I have always liked things to be discreet, organised, in order, clean—no ugly advertisements for another business on my car! This strange character trait has served me well as a wedding celebrant. I’ll always maintain, when it comes to your wedding, the devil is in the detail. If you get the finer details right, everything else falls into place.
When you book me as your wedding celebrant you can relax knowing that if something is important to you then it’s just as important to me. I’ll be the one making sure there are bums on seats—I hate empty chairs at a wedding! I’ll be fluffing your arbour flowers so there isn’t that one annoying piece blowing in your face. I’ll be picking up the dead leaves filling the aisle; the ones you’d otherwise collect in your dress! I’ll have my feet, legs and dress sprayed with insect repellent, so we don’t get bitten by pesky ants and mozzies in the garden. I’ll chat to your guests about your plans so everyone’s on the same page and ready to party. And this is before your ceremony even begins.
You’ve probably guessed I also have a list to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything! Looking for a Gold Coast wedding celebrant who cares more about your ceremony than you do – I’m your girl!!!